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Staff Training Manager

In any type of organisation, it is very important to keep track of staff training, CPD, licenses and certifications. This is an ongoing process which can be difficult to manage. In many large or compliance heavy organisations, it is a full-time job for which a devoted employee or even department is required. In smaller organisations, it is one of many tasks an office manager, department manager or general manager must add to their to-do list.

In many roles, staff can’t legally do their job if they don’t have up to date qualifications and whilst they may know how to complete a task, if the correct piece of paperwork isn’t in place, it represents a significant compliance risk to allow them to continue working. It is therefore very important to ensure that qualifications and licences are never allowed to expire.

Managing qualifications can be a particularly acute challenge if your organisation provides wide ranging, skilled services to customers operating in different controlled environments. When a new job comes in, identifying which staff are suitably qualified and available when the customer wants them can be a time consuming and laborious process if you don’t have a good system in place.

In addition to ensuring compliance, if your staff training programme is well planned and organised you ensure that you are continuously developing your staff, leading to improved overall organisational capability, staff satisfaction and productivity.

Training manager

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