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Communication Manager

For any organisation in the world with more than 1 employee, communication is a challenge and is regularly cited as a significant problem. Communication breakdown can breed uncertainty, insecurity, false assumption, resentment, conflict, not to mention leading to reduced operational efficiency and potentially, catastrophic mistakes.

Communication Manager is designed to give you a range of powerful tools to communicate with your staff effectively, taking advantage of all modern communication technology. Whether you’re conducting a business wide staff satisfaction survey, organising the Christmas party, launching a new initiative, closing the office in an emergency or simply need to tell Dave to return the laptop he borrowed, we’ve got you covered.

Because we believe good communication is critical in any organisation, and communication options are integrated into many of the Compliance Pod applications, Communication Manager is included in all packages.

Communication methods covered

  • Text Message, In-App and Email
  • Form and Survey Manager
  • Microsites
Comms manager

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