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We offer a variety of professional services from Asset Management to Tasks, Policy & Processes Management software for Private, Public and Education Sector environments

Asset Manager

An asset tagging, tracking and reporting system to manage the total life cycle of all assets, tangible and intangible, from the buildings and core M&E systems, to catering equipment, IT equipment, training equipment and supplier contracts. 

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Compliance Task Manager

A sophisticated task scheduling and workflow solution to manage all statutory, scheduled/cyclical maintenance, inspection and testing, of equipment and systems ranging from Mechanical and Electrical infrastructure to cleaning schedules. Linked to the asset management solution and incorporating powerful dashboard and reporting functionality this is designed to ensure that an organisation can ensure they remain compliant with all regulations and internally defined standards, at all times.

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Reactive Task Manager

A help desk ticketing system allowing staff to report any type of issue from building maintenance to IT faults. The incoming tasks can be categorised and distributed to appropriate staff to be managed and resolved. The system allows you to set KPI’s and monitor performance through bespoke dashboards and sophisticated reporting. This solution can be linked to Asset Manager so that appropriate staff can track faults and ongoing issues with specific assets and make better judgements about when to invest in new assets to replace those that are repeatedly failing and incurring cost.

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Policy and Process Manager 

A solution designed to intelligently host, distribute and publish key policy and process documents for internal staff and outside agencies where required, including version control, review date reminders and recipient acknowledgement/understanding testing functionality

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Staff Training Manager 

Define all the roles within your organisation from a Receptionist to a Catering Assistant, fire marshal or first aider. Define the required training, qualifications and certifications required for those roles and track all staff to ensure their training, qualifications and certifications are up to date and appropriate with alerts to any missing, expired or soon to expire items. Also includes a training course calendar and booking solution to help you coordinate ongoing staff training. 

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Communication Manager

All the key functions above, in some way, utilise this functionality to distribute information and alert key staff to key tasks and events, and as such, this system is included with all our solutions. In addition to supporting the other modules, this system will also allow you to send text, email and in-app communications to staff or indeed anyone else you need to communicate with. Dynamic and user defined messaging groups can be created, interactive attachments (via our innovative microsite solution) can be sent via all communication methods to distribute information quickly and easily. Also includes an inbuilt survey building and reporting tool.

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